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** Western's is now retired - it's on the web for archival purposes only and to demonstrate the first application of Google
G-Suite for Education in Critical Care Medicine **'s mission is to be the educational hub for all critical care related learning within Western Critical Care and our affiliated programs. Our vision is to expand and host educational curriculum related to neurocritical care, trauma, and simulation to name a few areas of interest and future development.

ICU Boot Camp - Jr Resident Education

We want to share with you a resource developed at Western Critical Care to facilitate Jr resident training. Using Google's Apps@Work platform for Education, we have curated an introductory course for Jr residents that covers basic topics before they start their ICU rotation. This course "ICU Boot Camp" is designed to help the residents "hit the ground running" so-to-speak and serve as anxiolysis for what is likely their most exciting and valuable rotation during residency (of course we are biased!).

ICU Boot Camp consists of a series of Video podcasts (Vodcasts) that cover the "ABCs". The content is accessible once you have your "" account, which is a Google Education App account. We are also able to track the progress of student's learning and engage them during their ICU rotation. Moreover, we have also created curated content for "advanced courses" that residents can register into during their rotation to enhance their learning. 

Checkout ICU Boot Camp.

Our Resident's Feedback about ICU Boot Camp

We rolled out and evaluated ICU Boot Camp for our cohort of residents. The projects was developed based on a survey of needs and the resident feedback thus far has been very positive. To learn more about the academic component of this project and its impact on Junior Resident (house staff) education at our center, please see this presentation and accompanying video - we use Google's Classroom App for distributing the content to the residents. Here's a demo of what the platform looks like on iPhone. Residents can access the content on their mobile devices or via the internet. Jr Resident Education - Google Apps Classroom

ICU Boot Camp was developed as a scholar project by Dr. Houman Khosravani (former ICU fellow & Clinical Associate at UWO)- to read more about ICU Boot Camp and the development of, please read this report (note that the appendix, containing raw survey results, is available by request).

We hope you enjoy ICU Boot Camp! Please support us and spread the word via Twitter

H. Khosravani, (former fellow & Clincial Associate) @neuroccm
R. Arntfield, CCM Consultant Intensiist, ICU Education Director, Victoria Hospital @arntfield

Critical Care Western's Contribution to #FOAMed

What is FOAM? It's Free Open Access Meducation (or medical education). To read more about what FOAM is, please visit Life in the Fast lane's epic treatise!

There are many excellent FOAM resources online, several of our favourites are listed below. Another great way to follow FOAM resources is to join Twitter and follow #FOAMed and individuals that tweet this hashtag.

The on-line critical care community is burgeoning and there are a tremendous number of great free resources in the form of blogs, podcasts, and vodcasts. In addition social media forums such as Twitter are delivering cutting-edge content to the masses. A combination of traditional media and social media stands to forever alter the delivery of medical education. One area that we feel is important is maintain are talks directed at the novice audience such as residents starting their first ICU rotation.

In the spirit of FOAM, we developed ICU Boot Camp.