** Western's is now retired - it's on the web for archival purposes only and to demonstrate the first application of Google
G-Suite for Education in Critical Care Medicine **

Welcome to This site is the official Education portal for Western University's  Critical Care Medicine Program. Our goal is to provide educational resources for students, residents, fellows, and allied health staff that will be useful to those working in our ICUs. 

From an ICU education perspective, we have several target audiences including  Junior residents who rotate through our ICUs and have developed the ICU Boot Camp series to facilitate the start of their ICU education. In addition, this portal is going to be used for RN, RT, and other allied health educational uses. Moreover, is the site for several research and educational initiatives within our program - for these please click on the Initiatives tab above. We hope that this resource will be useful to starting residents at other members at our centres as well and as part of the larger online community of Free Open-Access Medical education (#FOAMed). serves as a hub for intra-divisional communication, collaboration, and sharing of resources among trainees, staff, and faculty at Critical Care Western.